Your San Francisco Bay Area Attorney for Employment and Severance Contract Review

A contract is a legally binding agreement, and it confers both rights and obligations on the parties.

At various times over the course of your career, you may be asked by an employer to enter into a formal contract of one type or another. For example, you may be presented with an agreement specifying the terms, conditions, and duration of your employment. Alternatively, you may be asked to sign a severance agreement upon the termination of your employment. Such contracts are often lengthy documents, containing legal terminology whose significance may not be entirely clear to you. In some cases, a proposed contract may ask you to give up important rights to which you would otherwise be legally entitled. By obtaining legal advice, you can ensure your own understanding of the proposed contract before you sign on the dotted line.

The Law Office of N. William Metke provides contract review services on a reasonable, flat-fee basis. We will carefully review the proposed contract in its entirety, and conduct legal research regarding any novel terms as necessary. This is followed by a meeting with you (by telephone or in person, as you prefer) to explain the document in detail, answer your questions, and discuss the pros and cons of entering into the contract. Where advisable, we can suggest proposed revisions to the contractual terms, and can counsel you on negotiating those changes. For an additional fee, we can also negotiate directly with your employer, on your behalf.

Before you agree to any type of contract with your employer, ensure you have a clear understanding of your benefits and duties under that agreement. Contact the Law Office of N. William Metke today for a free and confidential quote for a flat-fee review of your severance or other employment contract.