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Retaliation, Unmerited Discipline, Wrongful Termination

Far too often, when individuals speak out against workplace misconduct, they are later targeted for retaliation. The law prohibits this, and we won’t tolerate it either. If you have been unfairly disciplined or subjected to a performance improvement plan, your employer may be retaliating against you for having raised legitimate complaints.
If you are (or become) disabled during your employment, you must be provided with a reasonable accommodation which permits you to perform your job. An employer is not permitted to simply terminate you, based on their discriminatory assumptions about your ability to work.
If you or a close family member require care due to a serious medical condition or pregnancy, you may be entitled to a job-protected leave of absence. An employer who terminates your employment during, or shortly after a qualifying absence may be in violation of the law.
An employer who provides a false or misleading explanation for terminating your employment may be hiding a discriminatory, or other unlawful motivation.
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